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  • 13 Years a Mama!
    My babies are turning 13 today! I officially have two teenagers! I could not be more proud of the funny, brave, strong, caring and sassy young ladies they are becoming. They are each other’s best friends and for that I am thankful every day! They still like hanging out with us too, which I’ll hold … Continue reading 13 Years a Mama!
  • Another Year Older (and hopefully wiser)
    Sunday was my 38th birthday. 38! Anyone who knows me knows that I like to spread my birthday out and celebrate as much as possible. We joke that my birthday is a National holiday in our house. This year was no exception and Zach and my girls’ spoiled me like no other! Friday I had … Continue reading Another Year Older (and hopefully wiser)
  • Sunday Reflections
    This week was full of family and celebrations and I am feeling so blessed to have our family happy and healthy! My parents are away and enjoying the sun and sand and my nephew and his girlfriend went to visit them for a few days. I’m very happy that they got to have that family … Continue reading Sunday Reflections
  • Counting (some of) My Blessings
    I’ve been in a writing slump lately and just not feeling inspired to write about much, but I’ve promised myself I would stick with it. I think that this COVID craziness is starting to catch up with me. Some days are great, and other days I just go through the motions. I know that I … Continue reading Counting (some of) My Blessings
  • Sunday Supper 🥘
    I am obsessed with spaghetti squash right now, so our Sunday supper is Italian spaghetti squash w/chicken. I make this dinner all at once in the Instant Pot and it’s so easy and good! Only one pot to clean when you are done! The ingredient list: 2 tsp olive oil 2 chicken breasts 1 spaghetti … Continue reading Sunday Supper 🥘