Sowing Seeds Update!

We have some baby herb plants!

I have not so patiently been peeking and checking on the seeds I planted every day, and this morning I found that a bunch of them have sprouted!!

This is a major accomplishment and labor of love for me, because I was born with my mother’s lack of a green thumb. No matter how hard I try, my plants usually don’t fare so well. I think I might over-love them sometimes.

I am determined to make these little plants grow and thrive until spring when I can get them outside in the new herb boxes my handsome husband is going to build me! 😊. If anyone has any tips or tricks I’d love to hear them. I need all the help I can get!

So far we have:

Little Chives
Little Basil
Tiny Baby Oregano and Little Mustard

This is the perfect distraction from a very chilly weekend in January. I think I may need to grab some coffee and start looking up some recipes to use these beauties in when the time comes! I’m thinking pestos, and salsa and marinades and maybe some tea! If you have any favorite recipes using these herbs I would love to hear them!

Has anyone ever grown Mustard before? I’d love some suggestions on how to use it!

Happy Saturday!

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